Saturday, November 3, 2012

Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro

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Windows 8 Pro has arrived and is available for download at the Microsoft website. Today is a time of great change, and definitely when it comes to the online world, in dealing with social networking and virtual computing on the cloud.

This is a moment when Microsoft gets to play catch up, and in a huge way, because their new operating system is taking center stage on the web, and in a huge way, both with pro's and con's to it all.

The major factor that people are looking at today when it comes to Windows 8 is that of functionality, and the undeniable fact that for a brand new user without any knowledge of what to do, may get stumped at first, and so this is where this blog comes in handy. This blog was generated to help those in dire need of figuring out things with their brand new Windows 8, and also for those who aren't to sure if they should take the plunge just yet.

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