Sunday, November 4, 2012

Getting Started with Windows 8

The first thing after you upgrade your computing device to the new Windows 8 operating system is, your provided the option to customize the background color of your Metro (Start menu).

This is a cool thing for those who enjoy creating tutorials like myself, and also for anyone looking for a much more appealing customized appearance of their brand new Win 8 operating system. There are some things to take into account before getting started. You will need to have a Windows Live account, Hotmail, or Windows messenger.

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The video up above is the intro to Windows 8 tutorials, which is a series started onto the FPCVirtualCEO Youtube channel, for showcasing technical tips and guides to learning things online, and computer related pertinent info. This blog has just begun, and will be loaded with Windows 8 secrets to help users online who need it most. Stay tuned! "The video below goes in depth into how the Win 8 Apps works and all"

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