Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Windows 8 Apps - Introduction

Windows 8 has definitely made its presence known on the web, and on the ground today, with Microsoft's new release of Windows 8 Pro. If you chose to take the plunge and make the download upgrade, well you might be thinking to yourself will this really make any difference for me.

Luckily for Microsoft they have definitely done their homework as to the very fact that the online world has evolved completely, and mostly due to a thing known as cloud computing, social networking, and that of mobile technologies. With all that being stated, they have came up with the best solution to have it all in one place, and gave it a title in their new operating system "Tiles", which are actual Apps or known as computing applications (Computer programs that run as software, and cloudware or online as a web application)

Apps are something that began with mobile smart phones, and since the release of the first iPhone, and Google Android smart phone. Below is a video to help user learn all about how the Windows 8 Apps work.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Windows 8 upgrade compatibility

Are your Peripheral Devices compatible?
If your wise before upgrading to Windows 8 you will definitely need to look, and check to see if all of your peripheral devices are upgraded. There are a few ways to do so, the number one way would be to go to the Microsoft website or Windows Compatibility Center.

There you will find a laundry list of items that were tested by Microsoft and also some by Win 8 customer preview testers. Many of them shown have a very high rating for user feedback in dealing with compatibility and votes in favor of its good workings, and then there's low ratings as well. (Try downloading the Windows 8 Pro first, it will perform a compatibility assistant test, and let you know of a listing of software compatibility issues)

Popular Products listed as Compatible: 

Cyberlink PowerDVD version 10
LightScribe system software version 1.18
HP KQ246AA Deluxe Webcam 
Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset
HP Photosmart D110a All-in-One Printer model - CN731A

Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless game
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Microsoft Office Project 2007
Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student

Note: You can also insert a product name into their search field area to detect on the network if they infact have located your particular peripheral devices compatibility. 

Tips on Making the upgrade to Windows 8

This is the Windows 8 Desktop - (Fully customizable)

Even though many people have felt that Microsoft may have made a mistake by getting rid of the start menu , and splitting the new Windows 8 into an cross between the new Metro start menu, and the Desktop areas, there is hope and promise that Win 8 is much more then meets the eye.

The Metro serves its attractive purpose as Microsoft has set out to draw in the crowds of current Windows users with its fancy intuitive apps known as tiles.

Who knows if it can even potentially attract Mac users who had once upon a time may have left the Windows universe sort to speak. So its wise to give this new amazing operating system a try, its price range is super affordable, and as long as your current PC can make the upgrade (Win 8 compatibility issues), you'll have no problem learning the ropes to Win 8 and with the help of this blog and many other useful web location you may choose to locate. learn more... 

Essential requirements to upgrade:

  • Your PC needs to have at least 1 Gig of Ram for 32 bit, 2 Gig of Ram for 64 bit
  • A minimum of 1 GHz or faster Processor with support for PAE, NX, & SSE2  
  • Hard disk space should be 16GB minimum for 32 bit, and 32GB minimum for 64 bit
  • Your Graphics Card needs to be Microsoft DirectiveX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver (For more info visit the Official Microsoft website, where all this info was located from.) 

Things to take into account prior to upgrading:

  • Back-up your files 
  • Get a Windows Live account if you would like to utilize the X-box app
  • Get Windows messenger or Hotmail account if you like to utilize all the other available apps or Microsoft store
  • Any Windows operating system can accept the upgrade
  • Any Compatibility issues need to be corrected
  • The Windows 8 upgrade assistance will automatically check for any compatibility issues for you, prior to accepting the full download, and or any payment options
  • Windows 8 Pro is no-longer $39.99, its now full price of $199.99 you missed the sale unfortunately & its available for download at Microsoft's website
  • Once you attempt to go all the way with the download, an option presents itself to select to purchase the original version of Win 8 for $119.99.
  • Learning to use Windows Hot Keys works wonders for users to master Windows 8 functionality
  • Give the Microsoft compatibility center a look to determine if your peripheral devices are compatible or not  
  • Once again the upgrade assistant will do the rest, but you will also need to download many programs that will not make the transfer onto Windows 8, such as Skype, Paltalk, Object Dock etc...

Getting Started with Windows 8

The first thing after you upgrade your computing device to the new Windows 8 operating system is, your provided the option to customize the background color of your Metro (Start menu).

This is a cool thing for those who enjoy creating tutorials like myself, and also for anyone looking for a much more appealing customized appearance of their brand new Win 8 operating system. There are some things to take into account before getting started. You will need to have a Windows Live account, Hotmail, or Windows messenger.

Wikipedia Commons - Music App

The video up above is the intro to Windows 8 tutorials, which is a series started onto the FPCVirtualCEO Youtube channel, for showcasing technical tips and guides to learning things online, and computer related pertinent info. This blog has just begun, and will be loaded with Windows 8 secrets to help users online who need it most. Stay tuned! "The video below goes in depth into how the Win 8 Apps works and all"

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro

Cloud Explorer : Hubpages image

Windows 8 Pro has arrived and is available for download at the Microsoft website. Today is a time of great change, and definitely when it comes to the online world, in dealing with social networking and virtual computing on the cloud.

This is a moment when Microsoft gets to play catch up, and in a huge way, because their new operating system is taking center stage on the web, and in a huge way, both with pro's and con's to it all.

The major factor that people are looking at today when it comes to Windows 8 is that of functionality, and the undeniable fact that for a brand new user without any knowledge of what to do, may get stumped at first, and so this is where this blog comes in handy. This blog was generated to help those in dire need of figuring out things with their brand new Windows 8, and also for those who aren't to sure if they should take the plunge just yet.